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How does the employee import work?

Registered users have access to blank import templates in the form of Excel™ spreadsheets. You use it as a guide for organizing your employee import file that was previously exported from your HR software.

Can I do a mass update of employees somehow?

Yes, using the same file that you previously exported as a CSV. That file can be used to import again as well. Any employee that already has a unique ID will be updated, rather than imported. Any employees added to the list without unique ID's will be added.

How do I log vacation, training or sick time?

Track The Hours allows logging against Category/Subcategory for hours tracking. These Categories can be setup for line items such as vacation, training, sick time, personal time, general support, etc. etc. Any bucket of hours that you need to track which is not related to a project or client can be assigned to a Category/Subcategory.

What if my company doesn't use projects, we just do work that is billed to the client ad hoc?

Track The Hours allows for hours to be logged against a client only. Optionally, you can log hours against a client and a category/subcategory.

What if I work on projects that are not for clients?

Ultimately, everyone is working for a client, that client could just be yourself. You can setup internal departments as clients, or your entire company. Using cost centers or project codes to Track The Hours that are spent on particular initiatives throughout the company.

Can I import a client list?

Yes, clients can be imported and updated just as easily as employees.

Can I assign a value to an employee time?

Yes. But better than that, there is a hierarchy to the value of employee time. You can assign a base time to an employee. You can then assign an hourly rate to a client/employee relationship. You can also assign another rate for a project/employee relationship. You also have the ability to override the hourly rate for a single time entry if needed.

Can I delete an employee?

In order to preserve data integrity and historical reports, you can mark an employee inactive, but can't delete them. The same is true for clients and projects.

Can I get a copy of my data?

Absolutely. As stated in the Terms of Service, all the data you enter is yours. You can run reports and then export them to CSV files.

When will the site be live?

Track The Hours is currently slated to be live in the fourth quarter of 2019. If you register, we'll be back in touch to invite you to use the site.

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We'll keep the FAQ page updated as often as possible. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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